Carolina & Francisco

When you have one of the most important days of your life and spend it with your whole family and best friends there's one thing you don't want to get wrong: photography and the memories you'll have frozen for generations to come. We were impressed by how subtle and unnoticed Grão a Grão were during the whole day, yet being everywhere at all the right moments. Grão a Grão were just what we were looking for and the outcome was amazing, we keep getting huge compliments on the photos to this day. We were especially happy with their artistic and original perspectives that go way beyond the typical event coverage - looking forward to having them covering our next big party!

Rita & João

Ana and António are really two very special people not only regarding the incredible work they do, but also for their good humor and constant dedication. Our wedding photographies are unique and special, allowing us to quickly return to one of the happiest days of our lives. Undoubtedly a difficult job, however they both manage to make everything look so easy and natural. We will always have a special affection for this team.

Carmo & João

"Grãos" have an enormous sensitivity, which unfolds in several ways. A first one towards us, the bride and groom. There is a constant care for what we want and for what we like most, and that generated in us, on our wedding day, a complete trust in Ana and António. Adding to that, their moving generosity, having an eye for what is beautiful, keeping records of each moment in a discreet and, at the same time, engaging way. Ana and António have a special sensitivity for each person, moment or space, making them true "artists of memories": when we look at our wedding pictures, we see not only people, but mainly we feel as if we were there again.

Teresa & António

Ana and António were irreplaceable in our wedding day! By our side from the first moments, they were able to capture everything and every feeling exactly as we recall it. Always joyful, relaxed and reliable, they made everyone feel comfortable, capturing authentic and spontaneous moments and feelings that made this day unforgettable. We truly and deeply thank them!

Matilde & Patrick

We couldn’t be happier about our decision to have Grão a Grão with us on our wedding day. As soon as we met Ana and António, we realized they were not going to be just our wedding photographers. They went above and beyond to get to know us, to understand the kind of wedding we wanted, and since they have so much experience, they gave us a lot of suggestions, ideas and useful advice for our big day! On the wedding day, it was great having them with us, always with a big smile on their faces. The results were amazing! They managed to capture perfectly the people, the energy and all the moments that made the day so special. We now have hundreds of beautiful pictures to help us remember every single detail of the happiest day of our lives. Thank you!

Yuri & Satoshi

We could share a magical moment that remains with us forever. They are so passionate and responsible for their work. Everything was so well organized that we didn't have to worry about anything during preparation. They are very good at meeting our needs and making them a reality. We are very grateful to Ana and António and their work always reminds us of the most precious feelings in our lives.

Romina & Salvador

We couldn’t be more happy and satisfied with Grão a Grão team in our weeding. From the very beginning communication has smooth and easy, we live in Australia so we organized a couple of conference calls to meet each other. They where very easy to contact, they brought to our attention things we would haven’t though about and they where very honest about everything from the beginning. We wanted more of a “photo reportage” approach, we wanted them to be able to capture the day, the people and the atmosphere without everyone having to be posing for pictures and disrupt the moment . They did that and even more ! Ana and Antonio made us felt relax and at ease in their presence, they also make our guest comfortable and even if you didn’t felt their present they where always around capturing every moment from different angles.  The result is not only an incredible report of one of the best days of our life but also high quality photographs!

Zara & Tomaz

We chose Grão a Grão to photograph our wedding because we were looking for a unique perspective and that is exactly what we got: an attentive and sharp eye, with an uncanny ability to capture emotions, moments and details, very different from the typical wedding pictures. Surprisingly, this was not the best of our experience. Ana and António's empathy when setting things up, their inconspicuous presence at the wedding, and overall ability to connect on a human level were simply amazing. Everything was so great that our friends offered us a family session after our son was born. They nailed it once again!